Our academic support helps students overcome all barriers test in the Top-up Degree program.


Offer guidance on course selection, degree requirements, and career planning.

English support

Assistance to check your assignment's English for correct format and accuracy.

Writing Support Services

Format your assignment to SIMI Swiss's strict requirements and avoid plagiarism.

Local tutor support

Local tutors provide academic assistance, guidance, and help students apply their knowledge.

Student personal assistant

Remind students of schedules, deadlines, and assist with administrative issues.

Research supervisor

Provide one-on-one research guidance for Master's or Doctoral theses and ISI/SCOPUS publications.


We support you, but we don't do the work for you

The academic support system helps you overcome barriers and focus on learning, free from administrative distractions. We support you but do not do your work or interfere with your ideas.

Using academic support services is optional.

Learners require academic integrity.

Responsible for your assignments

Follow the tutor schedule.

Work closely with the research supervisor.

The academic support I received during my Doctoral Top-Up Degree was exceptional. The personalized attention and resources provided by SIMI Swiss helped me overcome every challenge.

Dr. Samuel Williams
Doctoral Top-Up Degree Student

SIMI Swiss's academic support services were crucial for my success. The one-on-one guidance and timely assistance made my Master's journey smooth and stress-free.

Emily Davis
Master Top-Up Degree Student

The academic support at SIMI Swiss was outstanding. The tutors and advisors were always available to help me understand the material and keep on track.

Alex Johnson
Bachelor Top-Up Degree Student

Meet Our Amazing Team

Our professionals, lecturers, and tutors are always beside you to support you in overcoming all difficulties while studying with us.

Stella Beatty
Eric Banks
Tiffany Jones
Jay Acevedo